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Dental Cleanings
One of the best ways to maintain your teeth and even save money is to be proactive, try to stop the problem before it begins. Getting routine dental cleanings helps you to maintain your oral hygiene. Even if you carefully brush your teeth and floss, mineralized plaque can develop, esspecially in areas that are hard to reach.
Teeth Whitening
Over time teeth can discolor as the enamel wears down. Have you ever wondered what makes them discolor or turn yellow? Dentin. When the enamel wears down on our teeth dentin, a yellow substance that makes the core of our teeth show through. Teeth whitening helps to restore teeth to a shiny white color with the help of bleach.
Dental Exam/X-Rays
Maintaining your teeth and gums is important to prevent or slow bigger problems in the future. Regular dental exams help you avoid the financial cost of expensive treatment plans later on. It is recommended to visit the dentist twice a year to catch problems while they are in an early stage. We provide digital X-rays for quick turn around.
Composite Fillings
Composite fillings are one way to treat a cavity (decayed tooth), chipped or broken teeth, and to decrease the gap between the teeth. The dentist can remove the decayed portion of your tooth and fill it with another material, these are what we call fillings. The two most common types of fillings are amalgam fillings and composite fillings.
Amalgam Fillings
Amalgam fillings are the silver colored fillings most often seen in people teeth. They are made from metals such as tin, copper, silver, and mercury. The special combinations of metals gives amalgam its renowned strength and durability. Most commonly this type of fillings is used on the teeth where the chewing occurs towards the back of the mouth. Amalgam fillings typically last 10-15 years which is much better compared to the 5 years Composite fillings last.
Root Canal
When a tooth becomes infected from a deep cavity or cracked tooth a root canal is required. The pulp and the nerves of the tooth are removed and the infected area is cleaned. It is not a big deal because the pulp and nerves of the tooth are not important to a tooth’s health, once it has grown in when you were younger. If the treatment is not performed the problem will get worse and may require the entire tooth to be removed if pus builds up at the root tip and the infection of the pulp spreads to the surrounding bone.